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Company's Statement

Alphamedix provides Israeli medical professionals with access to innovative, high-quality medical products and technologies.
Our team’s extensive experience in successfully introducing and supporting medical products makes Alphamedix an ideal distribution partner for manufacturers. Our proven track-record of providing knowledgeable and highly responsive service means that medical professionals can depend on Alphamedix to help them expand their range of products and treatments.

From initial market introduction, through product workshops and training, all the way to expert professional after-sales support and service, Alphamedix does what it takes to ensure our partners and customers success.

The company is led by medical marketing executives who have extensive experience in launching and marketing some of the most innovative and successful products to the Israeli market .

Alphamedix is an ideal distribution partner for manufacturers and quickly  became Israel’s premier source for medical aesthetic products and technologies from world-leading manufacturer.

The Israeli healthcare market, despite the relative small size of the country, is an attractive target for international manufacturers of innovative pharmaceuticals, medical devices and equipment. In particular, the aesthetic care market holds huge potential due to the high awareness and demand for aesthetic care products and treatments. With an annual growth rate of over 15%, which has held steady even during the past three years of worldwide recession, the Israeli aesthetic care market is primed to adopt an ever-increasing array of new products.

Company information

Alphamedix Ltd. was founded in 2009 and is headquartered near Tel Aviv. Established and managed by leading medical marketing executives . The company’s particularly well-developed network of professional contacts in Israel and around the world provides a firm foundation for business success. Indeed, within a short period of time, Alphamedix has become a major supplier of medical aesthetic products and is currently in the process of expanding into additional medical fields.

Leveraging local experience for international partners

Valuable professional network

Through years of selling some of the leading aesthetic care products to Israeli Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Aestheticians and other medical professionals, the Alphamedix team members have built strong personal relationships throughout the professional community.

Well-developed education & training

Our deep knowledge of medical aesthetics, and experience running effective product workshops, ongoing training and professional seminars, accelerate adoption of new technologies and increase physicians’ success rates.

Proven team

Alphamedix founders and key managers come from some of the most prominent medical companies in Israel and have strong track records of successful product introductions and sustained high sales volumes.

Market-leading distribution

This ensures that customers receive dependable and prompt delivery service, and direct access to all the physicians and medical centers in the country.

A successful track record

Alphamedix has become a local market leader in the business of fillers , technologies and skin care .

Our Team

Ilan Karbassi

Founder & CEO

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Orit Kaufman-Lael

Co founder
VP Sales & Marketing

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Zvi Kaufman


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